Makan For Hope: Lessons on launching into new markets with Shopback co-founder Henry Chan

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

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By Cheng Zishuang

27 Jul, 2021

In this Makan For Hope session, I got to learn about how Shopback is planning and executing their international expansion move.

I want to share some of my thoughts after multiple discussions with executives who have led different market launches and of course, after the virtual session at the Makan for Hope festival with Henry Chan, Co-Founder and CEO at Shopback and other participants of the roundtable discussion. Chan led his team, expanding throughout most of Asia Pacific and is definitely one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the region, having led the company to expand to nine countries in years. In our conversation and sharing during the roundtable, I have learnt a lot about how Shopback thinks about market expansion. I hope in sharing some of the learnings, you will as well. Key takeaways from the session

  • Expand by market size and what’s winnable and not because it’s always easy and convenient

  • Look for synergies in growth as opposed to satisfying ego

  • Market Launcher’s role is to replicate culture

  • Locals will intuitively know nuances of the land