ASN #9 Meet Founders who are unleashing the power of communities

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

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The Asia Startup Network serves to help promising early stage tech startups expand globally and amplify their positive impact in the world. We do it through this newsletter as well as two not-for-profit initiatives, Mentor for Hope and Makan for Hope.

In this issue, we are featuring impressive founders unleashing the power of communities. Feel free to reach out to Elise Tan, if you wish to be introduced to any of the founders featured here.

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People Diagnostix (Healthtech, Australia)

About the company

People Diagnostix is a health technology company providing psychologically based solutions internationally that improve health, wellbeing, productivity and safety outcomes. Key SaaS products include FlourishDx and Flourishing at School.

People Diagnostix physically expanded into Singapore this month with their first hire in the region and two local partnerships. The focus initially will be organisations with mature safety management systems, MNCs, companies with strong ESG focus and other leading organisations who recognise the benefits of addressing mental health in the workplace to both the organisation and individuals. The company also expects the pastoral care features