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Female founder intiatives

At ASN/ MFH, we believe in empowering women. Here are the initiatives we curated and we encourage you to join or support them!

If you wish to add to the list, please email marketing(at) Thanks! 

4th Edition: Female Founders Mentoring | Cocoon Capital

  • 120 female founders across Southeast Asia to meet 47 investors (from 34 VC firms in SEA as mentors) for 1 hours of remote mentoring hours

  • Partner with She Loves Tech

  • Supported by Enterprise SG and AWS.

  • Period: 2 days, 2 hours

Singapore Female Founders

  • Facebook community group connecting women to support each other and make things happen together.

  • Regularly curates articles, posts, and events that benefit female founders.​

Lean In Singapore: Women in Tech Circle

  • Women In Tech Singapore is one of the more prominent circles within the Lean In Singapore chapter, a global non-profit organization and online community to help women achieve their goals.

  • Aims to inspire and support women to consider a future in the field of technology.

  • The goal of the organization is to encourage women to help each other by providing a platform for female leaders to give back.

  • Flagship event is the annual Women In Tech Conference, a thought leadership conference uniting Asia’s leading innovators to celebrate diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


  • Provide mums with the support, assistance and advice when choosing flexi-time options or when starting a small Mumpreneur business.

Women’s Register

  • Launched in 2007 by Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Singapore’s former Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

  • Regularly partners with industry players to organize events to empower women and enable them to achieve greater salaries, career development, and work-life balance arrangements.


Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (SCCCI) Career Women’s Group (CWG)

  • Networking platform for female professionals.

  • Organizes talks to educate women, business events with other international women’s networks, and provides networking opportunities.

  • Arranges international delegations for women to explore business opportunities in other countries while hosting women’s networks visiting Singapore.



  • World’s first private global corporate network and collective fund for executive women, providing the chance for corporate women to interact with startups.

  • It was founded in Singapore in 2018 and focuses on networking opportunities in the angel investing and startup space.

  • Holds its WomenChangemakers event in Singapore and around Asia. It provides a platform for C-level women executives to talk candidly about their biggest personal challenges, and the impact it made on their lives.


She Loves Data

  • The Singapore-headquartered social enterprise inspires women to become active contributors in an increasingly data-driven world.

  • Organizes events and workshops that help more women become data-literate.

  • Provides mentorship, helps the development of soft skills, and offers plenty of networking opportunities.


WEConnect International

  • Opens doors to new business opportunities for female business owners.

  • Led by corporate members, it certifies firms in Singapore that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women.

  • Partners with corporations, associations, governments, and female entrepreneurs, and is part of a global certification network for women-owned enterprises.


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