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Welcome to mFH

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MFH is about Leading change, Igniting hope, Empowering Purposeful lives.

It is a platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and industry leaders to support and inspire each other through life's lessons, experiences and encourage the spirit of giving back.

We organise Makan For Hope gatherings, small scale events and webinars to benefit entrepreneurial community across Asia.

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Edge's 35 Under 35 Awards

EDGE 35 Under 35 2021 aims to recognise the ‘Innovators of Today’ – a diverse group of people who have contributed to the success to the startup ecosystem in Singapore.

Congrats to our co-founders Andrew and Elise for being recognised.

For more information, visit

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Technode Community Builder Award

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Past events

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Makan For Hope Festival

Most recently, we organised a large scale series of 30 virtual roundtables led by leading investors such as Vertex Ventures, Monk's Hill and Openspace Ventures and seasoned entrepreneurs such as co-founders of Carousell, PropertyGuru and Shopback to raise over $200,000 (with $1 for $1 matching from Tote Board) for Fei Yue Community Services, a large charity based in Singapore.

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As featured on

Mentor for hope


Mid 2019, we organised a charity fundraising and startup mentoring campaign that raised $43,000 for Beyond Social Services and Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen to support individuals and families in Singapore affected by COVID-19. Over 250 startup founders benefited from the 520 mentoring hours provided by 250 venture capitalists, family offices, angel investors and corporate professionals across Asia.

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